Richard and Elaine Findlay

Richard and Elaine Findlay

The Findlays travelled 28kms as the Crow Flies!
They actually ran 75km altogether! (and visited a couple of pubs too!)
Ascent = 795m
M24 Efficiency Rating = 45.3%

We were really worried about Richard and Elaine prior to the event (not about their abilities, but whether they'd show up) as Richard messaged me about a week before saying they might need to pull out because of childcare issues. My response? Do it anyway! Bring the kids - even if you only go 5k down the road and hang out for a few hours it's still fun!

And that's essentially what they did! The kids were with their 'support crew' and essentially Richard and Elaine ran between pubs to hang out with their family AS they were doing the event!

This has earned them the title of "coolest participants ever" in fact there are no images of us chatting to them Saturday night because by the time we got to their B&B they were already tucked up in bed with a bottle of wine!

Absolute legends!

It was such a joy to watch them cross the finish line with their little boy (and we gave him a medal too!)