We are royally fed up that all our races and runs had to be cancelled (except of course Strathearn Trail Festival!) so we decided that nothing would stop us from doing Mission 24 remotely!


What is the event?

Your task..........should you choose to accept it

You must run away as far as you can in the first 12 hours.

Your location will be recorded at midnight (and you must provide photographic evidence).

Then you must run back to your starting point in the next 12 hours.

Anyone who makes it away and back in the timeframe completes the run.

If you go over the second 12 hours you'll be given a (small) distance penalty.

You can only compete on foot (run, walk, crawl, hop etc) or on a bike NOT BOTH.

Then winner is the person who makes it the furthest away from their starting point as the crow flies.


Where do we begin?

You can choose where to start - it is completely your choice.

Wherever you choose to do it is up to you.

Please let us know what your starting point is AND make sure you tell your friends and family to watch your tracker on the day so they can support you!


Shall we call it a date?

Race starts:

12pm Saturday 19th December 2020 - your location and distance as the crow flies will be recorded at 00:00 Sunday 20th December 2020

Turn around and =make it back to your start point by 12pm Sunday 20th December 2020



Are you with us?

The idea is that you get to plan your route ahead of time - so perhaps you might want to drive somewhere and start there, run home - have a sleep, then run back again?

Or maybe you want to see how far away from your house you can get and forego sleep altogether!

You can have a crew supporting you, or have a running buddy to keep you company - all we ask is that if you are taking part in the foot version that you stay on foot (no you can't be pushed in a shopping trolley!) and that if you do the bike version that you cycle without motorised assistance.


Are you ready to enter?